Monday, January 2, 2012

Cheat Unlimited Gingerbred Coin [Free and Premium User]

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Now I'll tell you How to Get Unlimited Gingerbread Coin. You can Claim The Reward agains and agains: Reward Token, Cloth, Justu, Backitem, ect. This Trck for Premium user only. If u Free User Use Fiddler to Make Your Account Premium User, Lets ty 

Equipment :

buatan : Riski Hacker
Totorials :
  1. Download Swf File
  2. Don't Open Ninja Saga
  3. Open Fiddler - drag Swf File
  4. Now [ Must Clear Chache ]
  5. Open Ninja Saga: You I'll be Premium user ( Not Permanent )
  6. Create New Character and Finish Tutorial !
  7. Claim your Gingerbread Coin
  8. Refresh / Reload Browser delete the newly created character
  9. Create agains Play agains
  10. You can Creat new Character until Slot Full
  11. You I'll Unlimited Claim Gingerbread Coin

Above Trick Just for Free User If U Premium User try It :

1. Open Ninja Saga
2. Delete Your Character - Create New
3. Delete the character the most Ugly [ Recomended ]
4. Do it Agains and Agains

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