Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cheat Claim Santa Claus Rewards [Permanent]

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Cheat Claim Santa Claus's Reward Event Xmas Ninja Saga. Ninja Saga Has a bug in the Game, You can Claim Rewards Easily using Charles,  I already try it and Working 100% [Permanent]. let's ty..

Totorials :
  1. Open Charles
  2. Go to Ninja Saga
  3. Open Santa Claus's Event and See The Requirements to Claim
  4. Close the Santa Claus's Event, Go to Charles Find:
  5. Right click Break point Charles ( >> amf)
  6. Go Back to Santa Event
  7. Execute 1 times
  8. Now click "Edit Response" >> "AMF"
  9. Expand "xmax_collection" >> SET (Set You're Required A/B/C)
  10. Change in the Required earlier

    Vew Image Click here
  11. Click Execute >> Remove Break Point
  12. Now You can Claim the Rewards
  13. Enjoy ,..

NB: If This Cheat get eror you Must Complete in the usual a way. And do this Cheat in Next Stage !Don't Forget press "ctrl+D" Bookmark this Blog keblog riski hacker lagi ya

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