Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hunting Token Ninja Saga [Free Earn Saga Token]

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All of my friends ask me How to get Token Ninja Saga ? Please tell me how to Earn Saga Token ! . Now I'll tell you trick Hunting Token Ninja Saga For Free and Legal !

  • Token Hunter (HSS)
Totorials :
  1. Instal Token Hunter (HSS)
  2. Must Sigin to your Account Facebook
  3. Now go to :
  4. And then Start Hunting Token !

    Select The Offer You Want !
    • SupersonicAds :
    Slect Tabs you want Premium, Free, Games Vidio ect Select Free Offer ( Recomended )
    Search this Offer, If u see this Offer Let's Complete it Because this Offer is very Easy ! ( Just Click Earn  >> Sig Up Now >> Complete the Requirements >> I accept Creat My Account ) Wait 2-10 Minute and you will get 50 Tokens
    • Token Ads :
    Click Tabs Free and you will see this offer :
    1st. Choose Media Player Lite for Free!  ( Must Complete This Offer  Becuse very Easy :p) 2nd. Choose Fast and Easy File Convertion ( Complete this offer too ) If u Done, You will get 16 Saga Tokens
    • Matomy
    Click Tab Free, and You will see this Offer :
    Choose WnkaWoo 356 Tokens and Complete the Requirements
    And you will get 356 Saga Tokens
    Don't dwell with the above trick alone. You must try Other Offer
    Select the Offer Tabs
    • SupersonicAds : Tab Free and Vidio                                 (  Complete all offer in this tab )
    • TokenAds          :  Tab Free                                                 ( Complete all offer in this tab )
    • TrialPay             :  Tab Free                                                  Complete all offer in this tab )
    • Matomy              : Tab Free,  Survey, Vidio and Tasks     ( Complete all offer in this tab )

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