Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pet Society Tree Hack

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Hi, today I bring you this hack for Pet Society and I hope that you find it useful

First of all lets put what you need:

Flash 9 (not working with 10)
Cheat Engine
Firefox- Flock- IE- Chrome


Open Pet Society and Cheat Engine
Go to friends street and search for a coin in the trees
In Cheat Engine put 4 bytes, hex and ASROM (Also Scan Only-Read Memory) and search for 06AB820F
Disassemble the result and put Replace with code that does nothing
Now search for the following array of bytes 8B402485F60F845E0200008B4E088B
Disassemble the result and change the line to mov eax,90
Look below and find mov [ebp-24],00000001
Change it for mov [ebp-24],0000001e if you can
If you were unsucesful on the last step change it to [ebp-24],00000002
another option is to change it to [ebp-24],00000005

Go to add coins every time that you win 300 coins and start collecting more money again and again and again!

Hack made by: Riski Hacker

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