Saturday, July 21, 2012

Download Active Alarm Clock v3.5

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Say bye to the conventional Windows tray clocks. Designed as a more informative substitution for a standard tray clock in Windows.
Besides the current time Active Alarm Clock also can show the date and time for any time zone, local weather conditions and forecast and many more using more than 130 skins... Active Alarm Clock also an atomic-time synchronizer.
As an alarm clock, Active Alarm Clock can be scheduled to wake the user up in the morning or remind of important events or things to do during the day. Notification can be scheduled to run once at a particular time or at preset times repetitively and wake computer up from Standby or Hibernate.
When a preset time is reached, the clock may display a popup message and play a sound, which can be any MP3 file you have selected previously. The clock is also able to run a program, open a document, play a movie, log the user off, reboot OS and simply shutdown the computer.

Dialog Computer Alarm Clock

Computer Alarm Clock

Download Active Alarm Clock - Computer Alarm Clock.

Download Active Alarm Clock: - 2,1MB ZIP-file

actclock.exe - 2,1MB self-extracted EXE-file

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