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Download Clock Tray Skins v4.3 (XP, Vista, 7)

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Clock Tray Skins is the advanced replacement for standard Windows tray clock.
See the time, seconds, day, date and system UpTime in different skins.
Displays the time for any of the time zones. Over 130 skins are included in the distribution.
Support Longhorn clock style.

It's also an atomic-time synchronizer and Calendar.

Do you need a clock with alarm ?

Download Clock Tray Skins - taskbar clock.

Desktop Clock Free Download

Download Desktop Clock: - 1 MB ZIP-file
clocktsk.exe - 1 MB self-extracted EXE-file

Screenshot: Desktop Clock

They search for us.
 Display seconds in the system tray desktop clock
> Needs to work with XP. Also has to show day,
> date, month, and time in seconds.
> I'm looking for an extension for clock in the tray
> which is displaying
> actual date in addition to time.
I use desktop Clock Tray Skins v.177 in WinXPh and it works fine. You can find it at

 Tray Clock - how to show seconds
> Is there an easy way to display the seconds as well
> as the hours and minutes for the desktop clock in the system
> tray under Windows 2000?
There is no Windows solution if that is what you mean by easy. I think there is third party software that will do it.

 show seconds in tray clock
> Hi,
> Where or how do I get the desktop clock in the tray to show
> HH:MM:SS? (win 95 and win 2k)
Various "enhancement" programs do this well. A popular one is Clock Tray Skins: "Several useful features."

 system tray - desktop clock with seconds ?
> Would like a desktop clock that shows seconds and date.
> I have not found
> any that work and don't look really ugly with xp.
Go to and look at the very cool desktop clock that you can download free.. It is resizable, can be configured to be transparent or bold in varying degrees, displays seconds and as long as your Windows clock is running, will show date... You can also skin the digits, so they appear in different fonts..I like it... If you don't, that's fine too....

 Adding seconds display to system tray clock
> Is there any way to have the seconds display
> on the system tray clock?
Clock Tray Skins >
It does this and more.

 display seconds in sys tray clock
> How can I get my desktop clock in sys tray to display
> seconds.  I go to regional settings it is
> displays them there, but it seems like the
> format for displaying in tray automatically
> drops them.  I would like to see them as a
> temporary setting while I try to debug why my
> clock is loosing time.
> Thanks,
> Fred
Try Clock Tray Skins from

It allows custom formats, including seconds and date in the Systray, font changes etc.

 Systerm Tray Clock
> How do I make WinXP Pro's System Tray Clock display
> seconds in addition to hours and minutes at all times...
> permanently (without having to double click it)?
Use desktop Clock Tray Skins from:
Best systray clock I have ever found!

 tray clock
> Hi,
> how can i change the properties of my
> systemtray clock !
> i want to add seconds for example !!
> Thanx
> Jozy
I know it's possible while this app does it :

 Displaying seconds on tray
> Hello,
> Is there anybody who knows how to show not only
> hours & minutes but also seconds ?
Try desktop clock - Clock Tray Skins...

 Date in System Tray
> Does anyone know of a small program that shows the
> date (day only will do) in the system tray. I know
> it's already there by placing the pointer over
> the time but I would like it on show permanently.

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