Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lost Saga Peso Hack

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Download: CLICK or CLICK | Tutorial how to download: CLICK
I will show you Lost Saga Peso Hack.

Lost Saga just may be the holy grail of fighting MMOs. Those who have played and enjoyed games like Mini Fighter Online, Rumble Fighter and Splash Fighters and quit due to the lack of variety should find Lost Saga to be a breath of fresh air in the fighting MMO genre. The game boasts 30+ playable heroes and many unique game modes, making Lost Saga extremely addicting. The developers have promised to eventually release over 100 playable characters. Graphics-wise, the game looks a lot like Valve’s enormously popular shooter “Team Fortress 2″, but with a more “anime” look. Gameplay-wise, the players shouldn’t expect too much deviation from the tried-and-true, hack-and-slash style gameplay of other fighting MMOs (Think Rumble Fighter), but the unique game modes do keep the gameplay fresh.

1. Download this hack absolutely free by clicking LINK or LINK (tutorial how to download: CLICK).
2. Run hack.
Type account name, select amount of pesos.
4. Then press "Add pesos to my account".
5. Now you must wait a few seconds, and log in into your account.

Any question?
Have fun! 

1 comment

September 12, 2012 at 3:37 PM

gan susah banget mendownload nya

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